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This page is dedicated to curriculum resources.

Language Studies (University of Toronto Mississauga)

Introductory Linguistics – Reusable Video Clips

  • Senior Linguistics students produced these video clips on difficult concepts to serve as reusable aids for various introductory Linguistics offerings.

Example: Great Vowel Shift
Full Collection: UTM Library Website

Great Vowel Shift

French Language Studies – Audio Recording and Assessment

  • Intermediate functional French language learners recorded audio for oral presentations for peers to review and give feedback, thus practicing speaking and listening skills. Students used various tools to record audio and video including Soundcloud and YouTube.

Examples:  Class YouTube page.

French Language Studies – Collaborative Writing Wiki

  • The Advanced Writing – Language of Business course worked over 10 weeks on a major written project employing a class wiki. Students had various opportunities to work collaboratively and provide peer feedback on reading comprehension tasks, writing assignments, individual and group activities and reflections on learning experiences. Students overwhelmingly found the collaborative work a useful and efficient way to learn language.

Advanced French Writing Wiki

Materials Science – Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE) 

Materials Science – Reusable Video Clips

  • These videos are presented in a variety of styles, to be used as reusable learning objects for both instructors and students. Some examples include lecture demonstrations as well as video example problems.

Chalkboard lecture: Crystallographic Directions
Annotated slides: Fracture Mechanics

Department of Psychology (University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

Psychology – Online testing tools

  • New tools to encourage active learning online are being developed and enhanced. These include quizzing and peer assessment tools mTuner, Digital Labcoat and PeerScholar. Early example videos on their function can be found below. The new support web site with documentation and video descriptions will be launched shortly.

PeerScholar: The Student Process
Digital Labcoat: The Analyze Phase

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